A community created for and by newsletter newbies.

Learn from others who are on the same journey as you are. The same questions, concerns, struggles, and frustrations. It's great to learn from pros but they often can't relate to someone just starting out. That's where NewbLetter comes in :)


Learn what other newsletter newbies are doing. Which platform are they using? What type of content of do they publish? How frequently do they send emails?


Even if you're early in your newsletter journey, you've got knowledge and experience that can help others. Don't underestimate your level of expertise!


You might just make some friends, and find people to collaborate with. Maybe you can cross-promote, or barter skills (copywriting for design, for example).


Imagine having a place where you can connect with others who are at a similar point in their newsletter journey.

That's NewbLetter.

What To Expect

The earliest members of NewbLetter will help to shape it, but here's the general idea for starters.

Small Group

The community will be limited to a small number of members, by design. This will help ensure that everyone feels comfortable participating.

Dedicated Spaces

You'll have specific areas to discuss the various topics: tech, content, collaboration, strategies, etc. You won't have to scroll endlessly to find what you need.

Feedback Welcome

This isn't about one person. Your input will be important when deciding what NewbLetter should be. Let's build something special!

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You might be asking...

But what is this community? A Facebook group? A Slack workspace? Discord?

The platform I've landed on is The free plan is incredibly generous (up to 100 members) and it was super duper easy to get started. It offers dedicated spaces/topics, in which members can have relevant conversations. If you've ever been part of a Circle-powered community, Tribe is very similar. It also connects with Zapier, which is nice because I can create some helpful automations :)

Who's making this?

Oh, sorry. My name is Nick Simard. As my day job, I'm a Sr. Community Manager at Zapier. My newsletter is App Chat. I started it recently and when I asked on Twitter whether anyone would be interested in a community like this, I got some positive responses. So here we are! You can find me on Twitter. If we're not already connected, feel free to DM me!

Does this cost money?

Nope. It's 100% free. Will it always be? Hard to say, depending how things go and whether it can become a value-packed community. Early members will definitely get a killer deal, if and when it ever becomes a paid community. For now, it costs absolutely nothing.

What will be expected of me when I join?

As a member of NewbLetter, the hope is that you'll contribute to the community. That can be in the form of asking questions, answering other people's questions, making suggestions to help improve the community, supporting and cheering on fellow newbie newsletter-ers. That sort of thing. If you decide it's not for you, no worries! I'd appreciate a heads up, so I can then let someone else in (remember: we're starting out small and exclusive).

How can I reach you, to ask more questions?

You can reach me at if you've still got questions about NewbLetter :)